Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sup, guys?!

Hi err'body! I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've just been busy learning about the world. Also, I figure that since I was named after an inter-library loan system, I ought to be a fan of reading & writing. So I've sent a few letters to Amelia's friends. A lot of them like cats, so I figured I could convince them to be friends with me.

And a lot of them seem super nice! Jamie is a nap champion. I am also a nap champion, so we've got something in common. And I met this guy named Matthew via Skype a couple of days ago; he seems cool. And when I show my pretty little face to the webcam, Angela can't even focus on talking to Amelia because I'm so damn cute that it's distracting.

I wish that Lucy (the grown up cat who lives here) would be as nice to me as the humans have been. She hisses at me all the time. :-(

But life is pretty good in general! I'm not allowed to go outside, but that's okay. The house is pretty interesting! There are these awesome huge water bowls that I can literally climb into located in every bathroom in the house! (Amelia seems to think that they are chairs, however; I wish I could convince her otherwise so she'd stop blocking my access to the water with her butt.) And I have lots of toys, because everything is a toy. My favorite toy is Amelia's hand. It's chewy and it moves.

I feel the same way about her toes.

My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I get in trouble when I stick my face into a bowl of it, though. Amelia gives me salmon out of a can instead. The salmon is delicious, but I've heard Amelia say that salmon is her favorite food so I try to be considerate and not eat all of the salmon, so I can save some for her. But then, because I haven't eaten all of the salmon, I'm still hungry so I go toward the mac & cheese. And she gets mad at me for eating the mac & cheese even though I know she doesn't care about mac & cheese nearly as much as she cares about salmon.

I'm just trying to be a nice guy, jeez. :-(

My favorite place to sleep is in the laundry hamper. Everything is smelly and soft.

So I guess the moral of the story is that I like smelly and soft things: toes, salmon, mac & cheese, and dirty laundry.

I'm going to take a nap in the dirty laundry now. I can climb into the hamper all by myself! Amelia gets pissed off when I knock it over and spill all the clothes onto the floor.

She can be a party pooper sometimes. But she has delicious toes so I guess it's okay.

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